Monday, January 26, 2015

How Do You Find Time To Workout?

Aloha, my beautiful and wonderdul friends! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week. 

As for myself, I am ready to turn in early, but wanted to connect with all of you in a quick blog post.

Forgive the odd formatting of tonight's post, but I can't seem how to figure out how to establish my setting on my Blogger APP on my smartphone.

I could just jump on my computer, but I am literally laying on the bathroom rug, too tired to make the effort. After a nice long workout and an even longer hot shower, I wanted to just be still. I developed this habit even as a kid. Funny how I still do this decades later. We all have our quirks.

Maybe one day I will have a big fancy bathroom, it's my equivalent to a man cave.

 Blogging from the bathroom.

The OCD in me is going crazy that it is centered and not justified.  However, the lazy in me is telling me to F' it and just finish the post.

Alright, clearly I am tired and rambling. Moving on.

Last night, I received a message on my Facebook from a friend I had made a few years ago, asking for details on the special needs prom I volunteer for every year.

After passing on the information, she said something that really made my day.

It's always the unexpected comments that are the most satisfying. 

"You're transformation is amazing! You're body is rocking and you look so youthful. How do you do it? You're so inspiring! And, you're a mom too!"

She met me pre-CrossFit, post break up weight gain. I was at my heaviest in years. I never exercised, I ate junk food and I wasn't in a good place.

Honestly, I was so shocked to hear this beautiful real life beauty queen even say this!

Seriously,  I don't really see myself this way. Infact, I can be hard on myself. Aren't so many of us guilty of this? My body is far from rocking, but I will take the compliment!

Anyhow, it made me happy because someone else had noticed all the hardwork I had been putting into being a healthier me.

She isn't the only one. I've run into old flames, friends or former coworkers and they are shocked of how much I change.

Now THIS pumps me up to work really hard this year.

Granted, will never be Miss CrossFit, with the rippling abs or muscle ups, but I will be the best version of me.

Next month I turn 38! You better believe I am going to stride into my 40s as a hot mom, thanks to CrossFit. Haha.

For the last two months, I have doubled, almost tripled the amount of times I worked out at CrossFit. This is an all time record for me as far as fitness is concerned. 

Plus, I am really working on my nutrition. Which reminds me that I need to prepare my lunch for tomorrow. Honestly, I am learning that is the critical component. Abs are really cooked in the kitchen!

Not only have I been noticing gains in my strength, but I have developed a habit of making working out a part of my daily schedule. 

I'd like to challenge you to work out for 30 days and see what healthy habits you stick to.

Back to my friend's question, "How do you have time to work out?"

It's simple. I MAKE TIME!

If you know me, I don't have a typical custody schedule, as it reflects my ex husband's travel for his business. There were times I used that as an excuse. "Well, I can't because I have my son with me." So, I wouldn't work out for weeks.

Thankfully, my head coach at CrossFit is so supportive of families. He is a single dad himself and GETS how hard it can be juggling family and fitness. He encouraged me to bring my little boy and introduced me to other parents bringing their kids.

I love that my box has so many families that bring their kids with them!  We truly are one big family at CrossFit in Kailua.

So, no matter what, unless we are sick, we have scheduled CrossFit into our week. Sometimes it is more challenging when you have to take your kid to after school sports. However, we make it work.

Just the other day, I passed a framed photograph of the night I graduated my Elements CrossFit class. I couldn't help but smile. Out of the 20 faces, I was 1 of about 3 left in my class still at my box two years later.

SERIOUSLY,  ME, the girl who failed PE, hated sports, always finished the WOD last, couldn't even squat and almost died doing burpees. 

 I am still here. 

I am not going anywhere, because I have discoverd a home away from home and a family of loving and supportive friends.

That is another thing,  now that I am going more, I am really getting to know people. Strangers turn into friends. I use to be really shy every time I walked into the box. 

 In the past, I just did my WOD, left and didn't really know anyone on a deeper level. Now I see so many of their wonderful faces and whether they will ever realize it or not, spending time together is often the highlight of my day.

CrossFit has changed my life in so many wonderful ways, but it's the people and comradery that define it's greatness. 

Who wouldn't want to make time out for something that brings you such happiness?

Have a great week and I hope you enjoyed my cheesy, sappy CrossFit moment.


Sweet Cicily

Here are just a few photos from my Cicily Goes To CrossFit adventures.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why Don't You Love Daddy?

It's hard to believe that it has been six years now since I have been divorced.

For the most part, I left that painful part of my life in the past. Yet, when I least expect it, I am reminded of the stark realities of being a divorcee.

While I was tucking my little boy into bed tonight, he asked me point blank, "Why don't you love daddy anymore?" 

My son wasn't even 2 years old when I filed for divorce.  What could he possibly remember at such an early age? 

Maybe I underestimated the impact it would have on our son. 

Honestly,  he had never really seen his parents together, thanks to multiple military TDY trips and a few unaccompanied tours overseas.

We have lots of heart to heart conversations. As a mother, I want him to feel secure with expressing his thoughts and feelings.

Never do I want him to feel dismissed, so I always encourage him to speak up.

It doesn't matter what age, kids still have feelings and need to feel valued. 

"Why can't we ALL live together?" Meaning mommy, daddy, step mom and his new baby brother. "I miss when we were all together."

"What do you remember?" 

Despite being just a baby, he recalled in detail moments of our last few months as an intact family.

My heart sank. 

I was stunned. How is that even possible?

I knew one this would come. I wasn't sure how I would explain it.
Never would I tell him the real details of why his dad left and why I felt no other choice to leave.

Kids don't need to know that. 

I was hoping we would skip over all that. Figuring, he didn't know us together, so maybe it won't be so painful or difficult. 

Wasn't my explanation of two homes where so many people love you enough? 

He was honest,  sharing that going between two houses was getting old. As for myself, I know that would be frustrating, so it is understandable he feels this frustration.

I don't know what that is like because I never had to experience divorce as a child. Although, our homes are just minutes apart, to our little boy it felt worlds away.

As much as I wish my son never had to come from a home that was broken, I know that my decision was best for our entire family. It doesn't mean that I don't still worry if this will affect him in the long term. 

How will he view marriage? How will this affect his future relationships?

Children are far better off seeing parents that are happy than unhappy in a marriage. 

I sympathized with my son and reassured him that he was loved by mommy and daddy so much.

No matter how many years have passed, divorce still can affect your present. Your perspective will determine how you move forward.

I'd like to think my divorce had a happy ending. 

Despite our history, my ex and I maintain a very healthy and positive relationship. Not everyone can say this about their ex spouses.

We may have been terrible at marriage, but we are rocking the hell out of our coparenting post divorce relationship now.

Just this past weekend we all sat together for breakfast. Sitting next to his new wife, holding his baby and feeling thankful God is watching over all of us.

Do I love my ex like I did when I was 15? Of course not. That was puppy love. We were just kids.

Divorce taught me what love is really all about, including letting people go, forgiveness and being genuinely happy when they move on.

My son was wrong. I do still love his dad, but not how he understands love at his tender age.

My ex will always be my son's father and I will always love him for bringing my son into my life. I also love the woman whom he married, who has shown love to both me and my son.

Maybe we aren't the family I had dreamed of having 13 years ago, but I am still happy how it turned out.

Did you come from a divorced family

Sweet Cicily

Monday, January 19, 2015

CrossFit Is Expensive ...

“We are made to persist.
that's how we find out who we are.”
― Tobias Wolff

It has been months since I wrote a CrossFit Confessions, so what better a time than on my day off from work. 

I haven't been writing as consistently as I once did or would like to be. Once winter break was over, I have been slammed at school, juggling mounds of paperwork, teaching and top it all with the responsibilities of life as a single parent. 

My days consist of waking up, driving my son to school, drive to work, madness of teaching special education, meetings, make a mad dash back home to pick up my son in time for soccer practice, cook dinner, do homework, go to bed and start all over the next day. 

Somehow, in the middle of all this controlled chaos, I have managed to go to CrossFit at least four times a week. 



Back in December I made the decision to go all in and opted for the unlimited membership package at my CrossFit box. 

If I was going to do this, I was going to DO THIS like a boss.
THIS has been my saving grace. 

So let's start with today's confession 3...2...1.. GO!

CrossFit Is Expensive, BUT Worth Every Penny.

When I first heard of CrossFit, I thought the person was out of their dang mind when they told me just how much it cost. 

Couldn't I just go to a regular gym at half the costs? Well, I did go, got bored on the treadmill and found myself NEVER going back. It was a complete waste of money.

When I pay a lot of money for something, I feel obligated to get every penny's worth out of it. Plus, I work really well with peer pressure and encouragement. If I am working out in a group, I just cannot give up. 

For example, I felt like I was going to die in the 3 800 m runs during the WOD. Thank God I had a partner who was patient, but pushed me hard to keep going and finish off hard. 

You ain't gonna get that if you are working out alone, unless you are incredibly disciplined and determined. 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how everyone in my box cheers each other on. 

I use to think CrossFit was just hard for me because I am not all that athletic. Turns out, it is hard for everyone, because we are each focused on our own goals.

At least with CrossFit, I never, ever get bored because the workouts are constantly varied, it is a fun social setting and I feel I am getting my money's worth because I have a personal trainer at my disposable. 

CrossFit also doubles as the cheapest and most effective therapy ever. Whenever I have had a really hard day, I am able to melt all my stress away during a 12 minute WOD of throwing around weights, jumping on boxes or running. 

To top this all off, CrossFit has widened my social circle and has given me the opportunity to meet some really great people. No matter where you are in the island, if you are a CrossFitter you have an instant friend. 

Honestly, CrossFit is very expensive and I understand the price is a  major deterrent and obstacle for many people. I TOTALLY get it. Trust me, I have been there and understand sometimes it just doesn't fit your budget. 

After my car completely broke down, depleting my savings and taking on a car note, I had to take 6 months off from CrossFit, in order to get back on my financial feet again. 

Once I returned to CrossFit, then I got really sick and faced costly hospital bills. Dang. Was I ever going to go back to the box again?

However, while I was in the hospital, I was determined to make my health my priority and find a way to get back to the place I loved the most. It was going to take sacrifice, creative budgeting and hustling to make my way back. 

After getting out of the hospital, I decided to take a few babysitting jobs to cover the costs of my box membership. While some people were out partying on the weekends, I was offering to babysit for family friends, CrossFit members and placing my services on a local childcare website. 

Just in December, I was able to cover the costs of two months of unlimited CrossFit membership. If you really want something, you have to learn the art of the hustle. 

So many people make excuses that they cannot afford to eat healthy or have no time to workout.I am going to call bullshit on most cases. Again, there are the exceptions, but I want you to take a real close look at where you spend your money and priorities.

If I can do it, I know you can do it too.

Listen, if you can go out to dinner 3 times a week, 4 times a month, you are spending far more than a gym membership. Cooking my meals at home saves me a fortune, plus I know what I am putting in my body. Take a look at your online bank statement and start calculating just how much you are really spending going out to eat.

You know that cable bill is just as costly and what is it really doing for you when you are sitting on the couch? I cancelled my cable bill and subscribed to Netflix 6 years ago. That alone saved me $1,200 a year. That alone can pay one year's unlimited membership to CrossFit. 

Even if it isn't CrossFit, you can hire a personal trainer or pay for your whole family's membership at a regular gym.

I was curious just how much of my income and time I actually invested in myself. Turns out it doesn't really require all that much. 

According to my calculations, my CrossFit membership is only 4% of my income and only 2% of my time devoted to working out during the week. In the grand scheme of things, it really isn't too much to set aside for yourself. 

Just how much of your time and money are you investing in your health? What could you give up to afford a healthier lifestyle?


Sweet Cicily


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why Can't I Sleep?


It's past my bedtime, I'm exhausted after my first day back to work and I can't fall asleep. Why does that always happen?

From the moment my head hits the pillow case, every question I ever had demands to be answered. 

Will I get enough sleep for tomorrow?

Wish I had more NyQuil. Maybe I should try Melatonin instead? 

How much money do I have in the bank?

Would I be able to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Maybe I should Google "Things To Do In Dublin"? 

What am I doing with my life?

Why do I feel stressed?

Isn't ear wax weird?

Let's scroll my Facebook. Oh, look, everyone has perfect lives. Now, I feel kinda bad.

I should hike more.

Do I really want to go to Bible Study?

Wish I could clone myself. I don't have time for everything.

My inner monologue is at ADD level ten at night. Usually, the best way to tackle my random thoughts is to put it on paper so to speak. As a writer, I always survey my thoughts for topics to write about. Lately, I have been slowing down my writing; maybe my brain is filled to the brim with so many feelings and thoughts. 

I've been bottling much of it inside the past few weeks. I am about to burst.

Since I haven't blogged in a few days, this is perfect opportunity to blow off a little steam, with hopes of zonking out before midnight.

Tonight it finally occurred to me that we all go through moments like this. Staring at the ceiling, stressed over the minute details of our busy lives, desperate for sleep and wondering when we are ever going to get this life right.

Guess what? Each and everyone of us has our own cross to carry. Some are just better hiding it than others. Doesn't matter how "with it" a person may appear, we are all just winging it and trying to do our best. No one is perfect. Everyone gets frazzled. We all lose sleep over something.

Tonight, I cannot sleep because my paperwork as a special education teacher stresses me out to no end. I hate that part of the job. It takes away from the part I love so much about teaching. You know, the teaching part. 

With barely a preparation period, I am responsible for lesson planning, state assessments, professional goal setting paperwork, evaluations, scheduling meetings, transition planning, gathering data,preparing reports, developing Individal Education Plans and teaching a highly specialized special needs classroom. 

Throw in some serious behavioral issues and what you have left is a teacher always treading water. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, but it's like being in a thankless relationship. Always giving and so many people constantly taking from you. Oftentimes, with no appreciation, a paycheck that pales in comparison to my college classmates and leaving you wondering why you chose this profession.

I went into student loan debt for this?

I've been praying a lot to God to help me see the blessings in my chosen field. Every morning, as I am sitting behind my steering wheel, I thank HIM for the opportunity to be chosen to help lead these special young people in their lives. I am grateful God felt that I had the giftings to connect, inspire and love my students. 

Many people often comment that I have the patience of a saint and that I am so animated when I am standing in front of the classroom. 

God created us to serve a purpose. Maybe this was my purpose? Why would I ever question his gift to me? 

Instead of stressing or complaining about where I am currently in my life, I am being mindful to practice gratitude. Reframing my perspective, practicing patience and being thankful for all the lessons I have learned over the years as a teacher.

So, here a just a few valuable lessons that teaching has taught me:

1.  You are as good as your support staff! I am seriously blessed to have my paraprofessional Mrs. O in my classroom for the last 5 years. She is the epitome of professionalism and has become one of my most beloved friends. 

When I was hospitalized, she ran the whole show for a week and I never had to worry about my students. We make a strong team. When she retires, I will probably ball my eyes out when she leaves. 

I've led many classrooms over my career and know that strong support staff are few and far between. Appreciate it, collaborate and don't let them go till retirement. LOL.

Our running joke is that she is my longest, happiest and healthiest relationship I have ever had. Which couldn't further from the truth.

2.  Teaching takes TLC. Last week, I received a card in the mail from my student teaching mentor in Texas. She was holding up a cake celebrating her retirement. I couldn't believe that ten years had passed and my wonderful mentor was beginning her retirement journey.

Not a month goes by that I don't call Mrs. Hobson for advice. Not only do I love her, but I respect her professional opinion above anyone else. 

Let me tell you something, I hated all the lesson plan writing lessons and mock lesson plans, I had to do in my teacher preparation courses in college. None of it prepared me for the reality of teaching.

I thrive in the trenches and that's just what Mrs. Hobson did when I was her student teacher. On my very first day, she gave me my own classroom in a Therapeutic Learning Classroom (TLC). Not only did she teach me how to work with students with autism spectrum disorders and chronic mental illness (bipolar, borderline personality, schizophrenia,etc.), but she taught me so much about compassion. 

My experience in TLC taught me the true meaning of tender loving care. You need to understand that especially with the population I was trained to work with.

To this day, when I talk with my students, I feel Mrs. Hobson's presence in my life. TLC lives on through me because of them.

I went into teaching because I truly love kids, I can't ever forget that. 

3. Don't be too proud to ask for help.  I have no issues being honest when I am unsure how to work with a student or if I am feeling overwhelmed. Vulnerability doesn't make you weak, it makes you a better and smarter teacher. 

If I am really stumped or need advice, the first person I call is Mrs. Hobson and she is always happy to talk me through the scenario.

I am great with working with really difficult students, because I was taught by the very best. I was willing to listen, accept feedback and put my ego aside.

Even to this day, I seek the advice and support from one of my current administrators. I have respect for her ideas and she always has my back. She reminds me of Mrs. Hobson so much. She is my Hawaiian Mrs. Hobson.

Ask. Ask. Ask. 

4. Leave it at school. Once you leave work for the day, leave work at school. It will still be waiting for you tomorrow and the world won't come to a halt if you don't get everything lamented or graded. There will ALWAYS be piles of to do lists, but there won't always be the precious time you have raising a family.

Rarely do I ever bring work home and when I do it is because of my own procrastination on a deadline. When I am home, I am fully home with my son. One day he will grow up, go away to college and I can then put my focus more on the piles of paper.

For now, I do my very best during my work day and go home and enjoy being mommy.

Yesterday, my little boy told me, "I love you."

I asked him why he loved me and he replied so sweetly,"because you are playful and always spend time having fun with me."

I will gladly put down my grading book for moments like this.

Midnight is here and I am ready to get a good night's sleep. Thanks for allowing me to vent my day to you. I was right, writing always help. It's like free therapy. 

Have a wonderful week at work!


Sweet Cicily

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How To Meet 200 Men In 365 Days

Have you ever found yourself wondering where were all the available single men? Continuously frustrated, finding yourself swearing off men and deleting your online dating profiles multiple times.

Where is he? Why am I still single?

Don't give up my beautiful friends.  Despite what you may feel, there are lots of men out there. We just have to open our eyes, hearts and minds, if we want to meet a really great guy.

This year let's try a different approach, when it comes to our love lives. Instead of waiting for Cupid or OKCupid to find our next match, let's be more proactive when it comes to meeting new people.

Your focus doesn't have to be scoring your next date, but rather becoming more comfortable and seasoned in meeting new people.  

Do not leave it to Tinder to find the love of your life. Get out into the real world. You will soon discover that single men are everywhere; whether it is at the grocery store, restaurant, gym or walking down the street.  

Let's put the humanity back into dating. Instead of swiping left or right, winking or carrying out your conversations in endless texts; take  technology out of the equation and meet people the old fashion way. 

Truth be told, I much prefer a warm smile over a cyber wink. What about you?

Even if you are not looking for love, this is still a great opportunity to grow as a person and meet some pretty cool people.

Your challenge this year is to meet 200 men in 365 days. Now I didn't say go on 200 dates, but rather make a concerted effort to get out of your comfort zone and meet more men. As I said in the past, dating is a numbers game, make the odds work in your favor. 

You have only yourself to blame, if you spend most of your time sitting on your couch inhaling bon bons and Netflix marathoning in your pajamas all week.

Get out of the house girls! Go live your lives. Go have lots of fun. If you want to meet someone interesting, you sure as hell better be interesting yourself.

Women who have full lives, hobbies, interests, know how to have fun and are confident make for sexy ass people.

As a former wallflower, I know how terrifying it can be to meet new people or initiate conversations, but I assure you that this challenge will change your life.

The best way to erase our fears is to face our fears head on.

From this day forward, make it a point to interact with 2 new people a day, I don't care who it is. This includes women too, who knows if you meet the love of your life through a new friend or the cute guy standing next to you in the check out line. 

To get what you want, sometimes you  have to literally speak up. Practice makes perfect. Before you know it, talking to men becomes natural, not uncomfortable.

You'd be surprised at how many interesting people you will encounter by just being more open to starting conversations. 

From what most men have shared with me, a majority of men will not come up to you in public. He may find you attractive and dying to talk to you, but may be mortified to make the first move. 

Facing humiliation and rejection from women are common fears for many men. Even the cutest guys can be incredibly shy.

Why do men always have to make the first move? Why are will still playing antiquated cat chasing mouse dating games? Let's cut these guys a little slack. 

Here are a few tips to help you meet more men this year:

Nothing makes a woman more approachable than a warm and welcoming smile. Make a habit of smiling at three different men a day. 

Just yesterday, I was going for a run and noticed a very cute man in a convertible looking at me. Instead of looking straight ahead, avoiding eye contact, I gave him the biggest smile. You know what happened next, that hottie potottie gave me the biggest smile back. 

Get in the habit of smiling.  Men are attracted to happy women, not ones with resting bitch face. 


You don't have to give him a cheesy pick up line, but you can be friendly and ask him a question.  Notice he is reading a book, why not ask if he recommends the writer. Maybe comment on an item in his grocery cart. Just say anything! 

9 times out of 10, I guarantee that will start off a great conversation. 

During my backpacking travels, I force myself to talk to strangers, otherwise my trips can get really lonely.  Usually, I start off with, "Do you mind if I sit with you?" No one has ever told me no. 

My favorite story was when I was traveling through Bali and found myself alone in a local backpackers gathering spot. 

I didn't want to sit and drink my beer alone, so I looked at the really cute guy at the next table and asked if he didn't mind if I joined him. 

With a devilish grin he said, "I was waiting for you to ask." 


No one, I repeat, no one will approach if you if you have headphones in your ears or are face planted your iPhone. 

This is the universal sign for leave me alone. 

So, the next time you are shopping in the grocery store, put that stuff away. Find opportunities to talk to cute guys. Whether you are in the beer section of Whole Foods, asking the cute guy if he tried this lager or striking a conversation with the billion of men who are also watching the game and eating chicken wings, smile and ask questions. 

Wishing you all the very best in life and in love this year. I would love to hear about how your experience has been when trying these different tips. Feel free to email me at or connect with me on Facebook at Sweet Cicily. 


Sweet Cicily



Friday, January 2, 2015

Love Isn't All That Complicated

“Strange how complicated we can make things just to avoid showing what we feel!”
― Erich Maria Remarque,
The Night in Lisbon
Love isn't all that complicated. Either you are in or you are out. It is that simple. 

We are the ones who complicate love. 

Yet so many of us continue chasing romantic fantasies, play silly games in dating and make a complete muck of our love lives.

We talk to everyone else about our love life, but far too often don't even talk to the person that makes our hearts pitter patter. 

We are afraid to look eager or needy, if we show genuine interests in getting to know the other person. 

This is how you can't call someone for three days after a date is born. 

Why all the complication? What happened to the days when we didn't avoid showing how we felt? Putting our hearts on the line by simply asking someone to check Yes or No? If not, then let me move on. 

I cannot tell you how many men who have told me months or years later, that they really liked me or were in love with me. Each one sharing that they were too afraid to tell me.

Why are you telling me now? I would have totally gone a date with you. 

Listen, I respect someone with the balls enough to be transparent with his feelings. Now that is a man that I want to be with. 

I like you. You like me. Let's see where this could go. Why is this too hard?

Stop playing the guessing game. Start being honest with your feelings. Finding value in vulnerability is just the first step to finding lasting love in a partner.

Trust me, I have been guilty of playing it safe and playing the games, to avoid rejection. I am changing this about myself in the next year. 

Without great risk, there is no great reward. 

No longer will fear hold me back from finding a loving relationship.

Just tonight, I was sharing with a friend, that if she was really interested in a man she liked, what was holding her back in telling him. 

Why waste time waiting for his texts or stalking his social media? Maybe he is doing the exact same thing? Maybe it isn't even on his radar. Maybe he is in love with someone else. Who knows. Who cares. 

Analyzing your love interests moves is completely futile. Take action. Either he/she is in or he/she is out.

You will never have your answer, if you aren't bold enough to go after what you want. I know this much about life and love.
After six years of being single, I have learned some very valuable lessons about dating and love. If someone wants to be with you, nothing will stop them and they will make their intentions known.

Love isn't complicated, we are the complicated ones,  but it isn't too late to make lasting changes in how we go about loving others. 


Sweet Cicily

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 Best Of 2014

Another year has passed, filled with new life experiences and opportunities to grow. I am so thankful for all of you,  having shared this journey with me over the last 12 months. 

2014 has been a wonderful year in my life. Having participated in my first CrossFit Open, traveling to Southeast Asia, becoming a published columnist, becoming an advocate for acceptance, growing closer to God and finally focusing on my relationship with myself. 

With the new year just around the corner, I am eager to welcome all that life has to offer. Hopefully, this will include new lands, new faces, exciting adventures and allow me to grow as a person.

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane, with just a select few of my favorite blog posts from this past year. 

Have a wonderful New Years Eve celebration and sending you all my love and very best in the coming year. 


Sweet Cicily